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Fight signs of aging by these herbal teas

You can save your skin from early signs of aging by having certain types of food and beverages, including the best types of teas to fight the signs of aging, “What woman needs” offers you today the most important teas to be taken daily or according to what is recommended. make your skin supple and young by these available herbal teas on your hands.
Green tea
Green tea is important for a healthy body because it’s the most important sources of antioxidants which protect the skin from bad damage to it, so it is advisable to drink two cups of green tea a day for a supple and distinctive skin.

Fight signs of aging by these herbal teas
Yerba mate drink
Yerba mate is rich in antioxidants which is close to green tea, it is characterized by its delicious taste and can drink by twice to three times a week. They help regenerate and soften the skin and help weight loss.

Fight signs of aging by these herbal teas

Fight signs of aging by these herbal teas
Chamomile tea
Chamomile helps to loosen muscles, relieve suffering, exposure to infections and acne problem, as chamomile is antibacterial, It contributes to maintaining pure and supple skin.


Mint tea
Mint tea helps to stimulate activity and blood circulation in the body and is suitable for those with digestive problems and bloating of the intestines as well as protects the skin of the negative effects of the process of aging.

Fight signs of aging by these herbal teas


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